Passion for refined beauty.

Quality service suitable for all.

A moment of self exclusive care.

These are our activity’s values and objectives.

RossoMagenta represents the place and the instrument to celebrate the passionate and romantic love for yourself, materialized in those small gestures of body care that make you feel pampered and cuddled. Our customer is the beauty’s own customer.

Our client is a woman in search of herself, spending time and savings in order to enrich herself, to gratify and improve her self-esteem, trying to achieve the “so long desired” perfection.

Our client is “every woman”: girl, mother, shop assistant, student, business-woman or zelaous clerk. A woman who loves herself, caring about look but also about soul; result oriented but also interested in the process; a person informed, self-conscious, in need of devotion and care.

RossoMagenta arises from red for passion, the best happiness method, the quintessential color for nails, therefore for femininity.

Magenta is also a symbol of intangibility: magenta color does not cover any visual wavelength in the white light, therefore our brain must solve this sensory-data-processing dilemma creating a brand new color, only real in our visual interpretation. Mind and body come together in order to create a new pleasant sensory experience.

This is what we want to offer to our customers: a moment where mind and body come together and relax in unison, creating an oasis of wellness and comfort away from everything and everyone, yet in the heart of Milan, the city of business and bustle.