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EsteticaAesthetics - RossoMagenta Milano


The care and attention towards achieving beauty are the main objectives of RossoMagenta, in every situation, in every place.

We want to provide our customers with the most useful and suitable tools to the specific characteristics of each of them, to facilitate the joint achievement of this goal of pursuit of beauty and well-being .

Thanks to the professionalism and long experience of our beauticians, RossoMagenta is able to offer a vast number of specific treatments for face and body. The use of cutting-edge machinery and the latest generation combined with the necessary handling skills , guarantee exceptional results against skin imperfections and tissue relaxation helping to counteract the normal aging of the body.

There are dozens of different types of skin and the right treatment for each; at RossoMagenta we take care to make a preliminary investigation thanks to advanced diagnostic tools oriented to a “beauty project” which will allow us to develop a highly personalized strategy, in a complete path that integrates products and treatments.

The RossoMagenta staff also boasts the presence of a semi-permanent make-up professional, a technique capable of enhancing the face, creating a perfect and natural effect even with a make-up removal face, semi-permanently. It is a technique suitable for women and men of any age who wish to highlight, define or correct some facial features or solve some imperfections such as vitiligo, alopecia or baldness. It is the result of a joint work between machine, needle, color and application technique to which must be added the professionalism of the operator, a real Technological make-up artist who uses dermograph and pigments instead of pencils and brushes.

Semi-permanent make-up, usually applied on eye and lip contour , is a technique that straddles innovation and tradition: resting its bases on traditional make-up, uses techniques such as artistic tattoo, enriching it with technical innovations for a perfect result especially from the point of view of hygiene and safety .