Care and attention towards the achievement of beauty are RossoMagenta’s main objectives, in every situation, everywhere.
We want to provide our customers the most useful instruments related to their specific characteristics, in order to facilitate the achievement of beauty and wellness altogether.
We take care of those who always want to appear orderly with make-up on, despite not having enough time and, sometimes, not being in the mood of spending precious minutes or hours in front of the mirror.
Semi-permanent make up is the ideal treatment in these situations, because it can enhance visage, creating a perfect and natural effect also without regular make-up. It is a technique dedicated for both women and men any age, who wish to highlight, define or correct certain facial features or fix some imperfections such as vitiligo, alopecia or baldness. Semi-permanent make-up is the result of a joint effort between machine, needle, color and application technique plus the involvement of a professional operator, a real technologic make-up artist who uses dermographer and pigments instead of pencils and brushes.
Semi-permanent make-up, usually applied on eye and lip contour, is a technique in between innovation and tradition: based on traditional make-up, it uses techniques such as tattoo art, enriched with the newest procedures towards the perfect result, especially considering hygiene and safety.
The pigments composition used in semi-permanent make-up allows the design to be always in line with the face’s natural morphological changes, allowing to adapt to fashion trends too.
The semi-permanent treatment lasts for a variable amount of time, depending on skin type and reaction to pigments: it can last from 6 to 18 months. Remodeling is always recommended every 12 months or so, if you always want a perfect and visible result.