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Lo spazioSpace - RossoMagenta Milano


Magenta is also our address, our place for peace. A refined location, where courtesy and customer’s focus are our service’s key-elements.

A place – the result of meticulous and careful research for detail – which represents RossoMagenta’s soul and its owner Monica’s; a place suitable to continuous evolving.

We stay in Via G. Mellerio 3, a short walk distance from Sant’Ambrogio’s Church, one of the oldest and most representative church in Milan; next to the ancient and famous Università Cattolica Sacro Cuore; near the “Santa Maria delle Grazie” sanctuary , where the famous “Last Supper” is guarded and, finally, a few minutes walk from the train and subway station of Cadorna.

We chose, as our place and home, a beautiful building form the early century, about 100 square meters wide, with 5 meters ceiling and with an aesthetic cabin room for manicure and make-up, and a different room for pedicure.
A refuge surrounded by scents, colors and feeling of luxury and serenity. An exclusive yet accessible place.

Our furniture is customized in every piece, with fine materials, neutral and clean colors with a sense of extreme warmth.
We put a touch of originality and unconventional, as RossoMagenta theme is, in the chandeliers, covered with fine fabrics.
We want to donate comfort and pleasure in a place suitable to ensure confidentiality, privacy and isolation from daily routine work.
Space and time are the fundamental dimensions in our work: attention to detail is our essential value, as well as the time required to search for it.

Our time is a resource dedicated to precision, cleaning, care of detail, which mirrors care of ourserlves.