RossoMagenta staff not only isqualified, but specifically formed to deal with all types of customers.

Our clients are also people from show business: they come to us looking for a place to experience relax moments in, and a break from work, interacting with our trained professional staff, also having a chat or interpersonal confrontation, if desired.

Our environment is young and dynamic, accurate on detail, hygiene and entirely dedicated to turn the beauty experience in a moment of fun and self-care.

Among our staff we have an expert in semi-permanent make-up, a professional make-up artist and two nails specialized operators. The entire group is supervised by the owner, Monica: fond of luxury and beauty, she comes from a long business experience in the fashion industry.

Our services take place in a 100 square meters area, divided into a beauty cabin, a room reserved for pedicure, plus another one suited as a make-up station with tables for hands-care.

We are planning a new further space for body- massage treatments and epilation, shortly in our structure.