RossoMagenta’s professional cosmetic products are totally certified.

The metal instruments we use are completely cleaned and sterilized after each session, as required by the fundamental processes of manicure and pedicure and by any cosmetic treatments. Professionalism, cleanliness and hygiene are our essential elements, thanks to which our clients fully rely on our care, in an atmosphere of relax and complete transport.

The other types of instruments for manicures and pedicures, such as files, polish nails blocks, etc … are strictly disposable. Our customers can bring them home, or just keep a personalized pochette in our place in case of multiple-sessions treatments. RossoMagenta wants to represent a second home, a special pied-à-terre to take refuge in, from daily chaos, cuddling and being pampered by experts in the field of wellness and body care.

In this professional environment, RossoMagenta’s partners must be extremelytrustworthy and expert. 
One of these partners is Beauty Service Perugia, a company from Umbria region, founded in 1989 and specialized in creating and distributing products for hands and feet’s beauty&care and for nails reconstruction.
Over the years, Beauty Service has been developing significantly its expertise in the nails care field, offering today only excellent business proposals, such as the modeling gel nails suitable for all skin types and all allergy sufferers, since it does not contain any acids or monomers.

Beauty Service products’ raw materials are high quality and patented, often coming from dentistry’s field.

Nails can be reconstructed with different techniques and various types of gel: what matters is not always just the effect’s duration, but also the natural nail’s care and the genuineness of the products utilized.
RossoMagenta uses safe and tested products, thanks to his collaboration with dermatologists.