While care for the detail is the hallmark of our work, the visage represents our most fervid opportunity to express our total commitment to perfection, in its every little particular.

We are specialized above all in wedding make-up and make-up for events, a kind of neat, corrective and long lasting make-up which respects face’s and personality’s natural features, preserving customer’s tastes while ensuring an unmistakable photographic result.

Another visage-treatment we provide as professional experts is the “self make-up”: the aim to lull our customers is also reflected in our desire to make them feel confident in themselves, even outside RossoMagenta, offering the right tools and techniques to take care of themselves and to seek perfection every day. We offer an individual make-up lesson, designed to enhance beauty in every woman and giving value, through precise corrective and decorative techniques, to the visage’s strenghts, creating a perfect harmony between them. Our customer, thanks to our analysis and advises, will be able to makeup in an independent and professional way, according to her commitments and opportunities.

Primary, but not unique, element of make-up is “the eye”, considered the mirror of our soul. We believe that what frame it, eyelashes and eyebrows, define the real peculiarity of everyone’s expression, in all its depth and beauty.

Eyebrows are a key element in the study of the whole eye, face and expression. Eyebrow’s line, if well-cared, enhances face lineaments and makes gaze more intensive: eyebrow’s study and re-styling, one of our best treatments, allows to correct his tilt, position and length, also recreating the most suitable design for an harmonious face.

Eyelash lengthening and thickening, technique commonly defined as eyelash-extension, which we have improved in our activity, can accentuate the extension and volume of eyelash, creating a charming and intense look. This is a way to enhance and intensify expression, very useful in the correction of several types of eyes.

Eyelash curling donates the typical curled lashes effect, usually obtained right after the use of the eyelash curler, but permanently.

Together with the coloring of eyelashes themselves, which allows to intensify and better define the look, it gives the final impression of huge eye, rigged with mascara.